kprofilel Mitsunobu Mogi "Mitsu"

He was born in Japan in 1980. He has played trombone since a junior high school.

He studied trombone in Senzoku University(1999-2003 in Japan),Tokyo National University Fine Arts of Music.(2003-2005 in Japan)

He studied jazz too. So he plays both of classical music and jazz music.

After graduation, he was a Trombonist as a freelancer.(solo, chamber music, orchestra, jazz, lesson and so on)

He is a member of Tokyo Trombone Artists, , Infini Salon Orchestra and Yamaha Popular Music School's Trombone Course lecturer.

And now, He is studying abroad in Basel Music Academy in Switzerland.(Master of Arts in Musikalischer Performance, Oct 2008- )

By now he studied Trombone under Koichi Akiyama, Masakatsu Kurita, Shinji Koga, Moya Kunii and Edgar Manyak.

He studied chamber music under Eichi Inagawa. He studied Big Band Seichi Nakamura and Michel Matthieu

He was attended Master cource by Blanimir Sloker, Thomas Horch, Jacque Mauger, Gilles Millere and Scott A.Hartman.